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Early Bird and the Worm

This morning I got up excited to go on my run. But what would have been 6 miles of glorious isolation, turned into a 45-minute power-walk. People always ask me why it is I get up so early. Part of the reason is I go to bed rather early the […]

The Scales of Destiny

I can remember as a child a certain incident happening with a neighbor. I was about nine or ten years old. I will not go into the details, except to say that my mother stepped in, despite what I considered to be a very humiliating experience, and simply ate that […]

All Streams flow into the Ocean

We live in a world where we glorify the stars. It appears to us as though they were overnight successes and geniuses. But that is simply dishonest. A lot of our celebrities have put in the hard graft to catch their break. Their opportunity finally collided with their preparation, and […]

Gentle Reminders

I needed to see @jonicggiano writing her latest piece on her blog Inner Child, to remind me that there are some things that just don’t go away. It is too early on a Sunday morning to discuss these issues, but I will revisit it at some point when I have […]

If I claim to be a wise man.

I do not subscribe to the belief that it is difficult to change people’s habits; that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. There are numerous “old dogs” among the younger generation as well. There are many of us who have involuntarily decided to stop learning. Stuck in our […]

Steppingstone to Cornerstone

I like writing in my journal. Not every single day, but at key moments when there is something worth chronicling for my memoirs. Yes, I do intend to write my memoirs one day as I believe everyone has a story worth telling. This weekend I was reading something I had […]

Inventive Faith

If you believe in yourself, and in your dreams, there I nothing insurmountable if you move by faith. There is a workaround for every scenario that may deter. Never quit at the first hurdle, devise new methods if the old ones no longer work. So many of us fear to […]

Riding out the storm

I don’t necessarily believe in happily ever after’s. But I do succumb to the hope that there are lovely ‘afterwards’. You can work hard for something, and afterward, you will reap the reward of your hard work. After the grind; after the hustle; after multiple lessons in failure; after rejections […]

Downtime Conundrum

This week I have been trying to ensure that I maintain a level of productivity where my writing is concerned. When I have several projects ongoing, I tend to have my days well structured. My only allowance for down time is on Wednesdays when I am so exhausted, that my […]


Life is fleeting. 90 years or 48 hours, does it matter? We are encouraged to number our days, so that we could make best use of the time we have. This pandemic has brought that home to many. Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart […]