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Hatred Unlearned

Last Saturday, I was driving past the synagogue on my way home from my morning run. There was an armed guard, helping the older residents of the neighborhood coming to worship cross the road. This armed guard was always a weird sight. There was the pleasant wave of familiar strangers, […]

Event Horizons

Impossible to find a loving estate, From someone who only knows rage She still lives within her trauma The child, the teen, the adult, only knows drama With enough time the scars mend Another failed bond, a memory to tend In the museum of shattered dreams I call my head, […]

Happiness Project- book launch

Last Summer, my dear friend, author Vanesa Pizzuto, recommended me to an editor in Europe who was working on an anthology. She probably oversold my talent, but I never say no to an opportunity to develop and share my love of writing. But this project felt heavy, as though there […]

The Singularity

Art © Johnathan Mc Daniels, used with permission. When the world goes crazy, and attacks everything that is sacred to me Like cracks on the wall that threaten our structural integrity Here, no matter the where or the when, we can suspend and defy, for this is our singularity For […]


I’ve given up on life so many times that my dreams have become my safe haven. Darkness in my eyes and my soul, inside I’m the color of the ravens I put the pen to these lines and they’re always apocalyptic If life was measured in rhymes, not pennies and […]

Cupid took me for a ride.

They say that real love is blind But it don’t make sense to me. Everyday when I unwind, I replay all these vivid memories They’ve fermented with time In this mental distillery. I heard letting go is sublime But it feels a lot like a lobotomy You say that I […]

Sparks of Destiny

The old folks would tell me, that if I dream of lightening, it’s a sign of change that’s coming my way. Yesterday, as I arrived at the park for my morning run, there was this epic lightening display just over the park. I wonder what that meant? I observed it […]

Full Circle

I came home to Trinidad last Thursday. The old lady, was celebrating here 88th birthday. It was a familiar feeling being in the place that was my home for 16 years of my life, yet I couldn’t help feeling like I was a stranger. There was the familiar sound of […]