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Coming Attractions

Last Thursday I had a day out with my great nieces and nephews. They’re a rowdy bunch; fiercely independent, creative and funny. I enjoy seeing their chaos in all it’s glory. I’m not the parent; I’m the uncle that gets to wind them up and watch the tornado of youthful […]

Be a Rebel

Taking a risk, is an act of rebellion. It sets the mind free of restrictions, that our adult brains love to implement to corral our creativity and dim our expectations. My friend and author, Vanesa Pizzuto always tells me that ‘risk is what transforms us’ and she’s so correct with […]

Gentle Reminders

I needed to see @jonicggiano writing her latest piece on her blog Inner Child, to remind me that there are some things that just don’t go away. It is too early on a Sunday morning to discuss these issues, but I will revisit it at some point when I have […]

If I claim to be a wise man.

I do not subscribe to the belief that it is difficult to change people’s habits; that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. There are numerous “old dogs” among the younger generation as well. There are many of us who have involuntarily decided to stop learning. Stuck in our […]

New Beginnings

Last year… ooh boy. Last year was a rough one. It ended with a crash… not a bang. I needed to take a break from blogging as my head just was not in the best place. I lost two relatives from Covid in December; my big brother and my sister’s […]

Chats with my Mum #8

“I’m hurting.” That is all she said this morning on a 3:30 video call. She could not sleep. Yesterday morning she got tested for covid after showing symptoms. Her 87-year-old body, tempered by a life of resilient faith, is taking a beating. Her emotions, challenged and molded over the years […]

Fear of Women

Originally posted on Friendly Freethinker:
It seems to be a hallmark of “Bad Religion” to fear women.  For reference see Afghanistan … Texas … (countless examples). These women in Afghanistan are showing such great courage! Women Beaten for Demanding Their Rights (BBC) One of the most powerful statements I’ve read:…

Riding out the storm

I don’t necessarily believe in happily ever after’s. But I do succumb to the hope that there are lovely ‘afterwards’. You can work hard for something, and afterward, you will reap the reward of your hard work. After the grind; after the hustle; after multiple lessons in failure; after rejections […]

Writing is Life

It has been one of those weeks. Just a lot of work, and no blogging. I did manage some writing though. A few hours in total, stolen during lunch breaks, and sitting in traffic. I realize I can take a ton of notes and story ideas when I get stuck […]

Invidious Part 5

The return to Yonkers, sees the big sister of the family return to the story. Maureen Pemberton has grown up to be the strong, successful woman that her mother had hoped she would become. The past always has a way of rearing its ugly head at the worst possible moments […]