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So Johnny and I have been debating on whether to do a sci-fi, dystopian themed, um, speculative fiction short story. We both love Asimov, and Octavia Butler. Current trend setters like Nnedi Okorafor, Cixin Liu and many other fabulously talented writers of speculative fiction that I follow on the blogsphere, […]


It’s the month of October; that means Halloween. In keeping with the dark theme of the month, I decided I’d write several twisted short stories, the first of which I titled Viaticum. As a child I would read all these old Newsweek or Time magazines, I think my brother who […]

Rudy pt2

Rudy Live @ Blackstone Bay Part Two You can read Part One Here. Some road trips were filled with majestic scenery, while others would exacerbate her car sickness to the point of incapacitation. This road trip seemed to be a mixture of both. The road to Maracas, a gorgeous beach […]

Twenty Seven Cents

His footsteps made these slushy, crackling sounds as his weight compressed the light dusting of snow that had buried the dried underbrush. ‘He would have been useless as a hunter.’ he thought to himself. They had walked all night, single file along a stretch of poorly lit road. He had […]


Another short story by Shorts Illustrated Art work @fiddlinpig Johnny McDaniels Her legs couldn’t carry her fast enough, and her chest was heaving. She felt like she was back at one of her triathlon meets in college. But that was nearly twenty years ago. She wasn’t that person anymore. The […]