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How They Linger

Some memories don’t need a red string around my finger. The toxic and the precious, how they linger. Ships sailing over the horizon That’s what it felt like, a red tide, Crimson Silhouettes dipping out of view Like a pit vipers bite, Sudden Emotions that overwhelm you The sacrificial prey […]

The Voice of the Wolf

The National Human Trafficking Hotline says that “Human trafficking is a situation in which an individual is compelled to work or engage in commercial sex through the use of force, fraud or coercion.” I decided to touch on this subject, after seeing a pimp being arrested not too long ago. […]

I was here

I was here, once upon a time when silver linings stretched across the horizon at dawn, and pregnant sunsets summoned me to slumber. The daily rebuke before bedtime for the chores I could never remember. Fully replayed on the morrow, when the first sprinkles of summer rains spoiled the neat […]

Hatred Unlearned

Last Saturday, I was driving past the synagogue on my way home from my morning run. There was an armed guard, helping the older residents of the neighborhood coming to worship cross the road. This armed guard was always a weird sight. There was the pleasant wave of familiar strangers, […]

Mental Masochist

If it’s possible to change Why should I limit my range? It’s the system that got me here in the first place. Inhibiting, strangling, the only option’s their pills. Telling me to dream big but still imposing it’s will. You scale their walls, they secretly wait for you to fall. […]

Black Sheep

Your trajectory is abject failure I see your looming demise Famous last words the old man had prophesied He had mocked me with his swan song I was forever determined to prove him wrong Called his teenage son a disappointment Cut me out of his last will and testament When […]

Event Horizons

Impossible to find a loving estate, From someone who only knows rage She still lives within her trauma The child, the teen, the adult, only knows drama With enough time the scars mend Another failed bond, a memory to tend In the museum of shattered dreams I call my head, […]

The Singularity

Art © Johnathan Mc Daniels, used with permission. When the world goes crazy, and attacks everything that is sacred to me Like cracks on the wall that threaten our structural integrity Here, no matter the where or the when, we can suspend and defy, for this is our singularity For […]

It Rumbled and Cracked

The earth rumbled and cracked, so many lives taken They claim it’s an act of God but why are they his forsaken Speaking solace is a conundrum When the death toll is in the tens of thousands What lies of comfort do we tell the grieving widows and orphans The […]