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Choosing faith over fame

When the question arises in the mind of an athlete over a political, social or religious position which may conflict with their beliefs, it can be a very unforgiving proposition. As I was writing this piece, my memory was jarred by the story of Carlos Roa, the Argentinian goalie who played […]

Black Sheep

Your trajectory is abject failure I see your looming demise Famous last words the old man had prophesied He had mocked me with his swan song I was forever determined to prove him wrong Called his teenage son a disappointment Cut me out of his last will and testament When […]

It Rumbled and Cracked

The earth rumbled and cracked, so many lives taken They claim it’s an act of God but why are they his forsaken Speaking solace is a conundrum When the death toll is in the tens of thousands What lies of comfort do we tell the grieving widows and orphans The […]

Theatre of the mind

Sunday morning runs set the tone for the week. I went to bed last night all stressed out and woke up brimming with anxieties. I spend a lot of time talking to myself when running, especially on distance runs. I don’t have many friends willing to wake up at 3:30 […]


Vision… they can be delusional at times. The eyes of faith behold what isn’t there, doesn’t show you the path, doesn’t give you a heads-up that it’s going to be a trek across a desert, fighting your demons and the plans of the enemy to deter you or steal your […]

Early Bird and the Worm

This morning I got up excited to go on my run. But what would have been 6 miles of glorious isolation, turned into a 45-minute power-walk. People always ask me why it is I get up so early. Part of the reason is I go to bed rather early the […]