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Choosing faith over fame

When the question arises in the mind of an athlete over a political, social or religious position which may conflict with their beliefs, it can be a very unforgiving proposition. As I was writing this piece, my memory was jarred by the story of Carlos Roa, the Argentinian goalie who played […]

Hatred Unlearned

Last Saturday, I was driving past the synagogue on my way home from my morning run. There was an armed guard, helping the older residents of the neighborhood coming to worship cross the road. This armed guard was always a weird sight. There was the pleasant wave of familiar strangers, […]

The Singularity

Art © Johnathan Mc Daniels, used with permission. When the world goes crazy, and attacks everything that is sacred to me Like cracks on the wall that threaten our structural integrity Here, no matter the where or the when, we can suspend and defy, for this is our singularity For […]


I’ve given up on life so many times that my dreams have become my safe haven. Darkness in my eyes and my soul, inside I’m the color of the ravens I put the pen to these lines and they’re always apocalyptic If life was measured in rhymes, not pennies and […]

Cupid took me for a ride.

They say that real love is blind But it don’t make sense to me. Everyday when I unwind, I replay all these vivid memories They’ve fermented with time In this mental distillery. I heard letting go is sublime But it feels a lot like a lobotomy You say that I […]


Vision… they can be delusional at times. The eyes of faith behold what isn’t there, doesn’t show you the path, doesn’t give you a heads-up that it’s going to be a trek across a desert, fighting your demons and the plans of the enemy to deter you or steal your […]

Have you ever smelt a Sunrise?

I had gone running this morning. The usual discipline of pursuing my health goals and sparking my creativity with a long (ish) run. No, it’s not exhausting. Occasionally I would stop and take a picture, something to help trigger an idea I may have had while running at a more […]

My Offensive Imagination

As writers, especially writers of fiction, we create this cloak of invisibility where we hide as we create worlds that are chaotic and wild; dangerous and deadly, or utopian and beyond the sphere of any possible existence. We dabble in a realm that mirrors reality but only truly exists in […]

The Scales of Destiny

I can remember as a child a certain incident happening with a neighbor. I was about nine or ten years old. I will not go into the details, except to say that my mother stepped in, despite what I considered to be a very humiliating experience, and simply ate that […]