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Have you ever smelt a Sunrise?

I had gone running this morning. The usual discipline of pursuing my health goals and sparking my creativity with a long (ish) run. No, it’s not exhausting. Occasionally I would stop and take a picture, something to help trigger an idea I may have had while running at a more […]

Early Bird and the Worm

This morning I got up excited to go on my run. But what would have been 6 miles of glorious isolation, turned into a 45-minute power-walk. People always ask me why it is I get up so early. Part of the reason is I go to bed rather early the […]

Authentic Memories

I was having a brief chat with my niece this morning.  By brief I mean a ninety-minute conversation as we both multi-tasked over the phone. She is a teacher to a group of exceptionally talented 14–18-year-old students. One of the things that fuel her passion, is the moments she gets […]

Be a Rebel

Taking a risk, is an act of rebellion. It sets the mind free of restrictions, that our adult brains love to implement to corral our creativity and dim our expectations. My friend and author, Vanesa Pizzuto always tells me that ‘risk is what transforms us’ and she’s so correct with […]

Gentle Reminders

I needed to see @jonicggiano writing her latest piece on her blog Inner Child, to remind me that there are some things that just don’t go away. It is too early on a Sunday morning to discuss these issues, but I will revisit it at some point when I have […]

Self-doubt: that cursed thing

Writer’s block is not my worst enemy. Unlike most writers, I have learnt to accept the days when my creativity is not on full power. So, for me writer’s block is a part of the process. What really kicks me in the backside, is self-doubt. Yes, those old, silent voices […]

Steppingstone to Cornerstone

I like writing in my journal. Not every single day, but at key moments when there is something worth chronicling for my memoirs. Yes, I do intend to write my memoirs one day as I believe everyone has a story worth telling. This weekend I was reading something I had […]

Chats with my Mom #6

Nennen – Godmother. 1951 was a turning point. She had become a mother; she was also expecting her second child. Later that year, nearing Christmas, my grandfather asked permission of his children to marry his ‘one true love’ and his longtime friend Ms. Adelaide. It is at this stage in […]

Chats with My Mom #5

BROKEN DOLLS I had to miss a weekly chat with the old lady. Work was rather busy, and so was she for some reason. We spoke for about two minutes; a brief prayer and I love you. But on Sunday we had our much-anticipated phone call, and an extended conversation. […]

Baby Blues

Some time ago, I had the privilege of interviewing a wonderful young woman (Shannon Toledo) during her pregnancy. It was for an article to be featured in a magazine based in Australia. Diagnosed with Preeclampsia, and suffering from Perinatal Depression, Shannon exhibited the kind of fortitude that I witness in […]