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Have you ever smelt a Sunrise?

I had gone running this morning. The usual discipline of pursuing my health goals and sparking my creativity with a long (ish) run. No, it’s not exhausting. Occasionally I would stop and take a picture, something to help trigger an idea I may have had while running at a more […]

Chats with my Mom #7

Whatsoever Things are Lovely Despite a life that was undoubtedly filled with poverty, abuse, neglect, and the general hardship that was commonplace in the late 1950s, the home that Pa Dyer built was for all intents and purposes quite a cheerful home from the outside. The carousel of stepmothers ended […]

Chats with my Mom #6

Nennen – Godmother. 1951 was a turning point. She had become a mother; she was also expecting her second child. Later that year, nearing Christmas, my grandfather asked permission of his children to marry his ‘one true love’ and his longtime friend Ms. Adelaide. It is at this stage in […]

Chats with My Mom #5

BROKEN DOLLS I had to miss a weekly chat with the old lady. Work was rather busy, and so was she for some reason. We spoke for about two minutes; a brief prayer and I love you. But on Sunday we had our much-anticipated phone call, and an extended conversation. […]

Chats with my Mom #4

I felt sad talking to the old lady this Sunday morning. The fact is, there were periods in her life that robbed her of a childhood, denied her the pursuit of her dreams and limited her options.  Growing up during a global war, living in a broken home, and dealing […]

Chats with my Mom #3

The Woman in the Silver Picture Frame “Your great grandmother was an exceptional woman.” I could hear the aging mind rolling back the clock. Her memories have this way of idling on a particular event, almost like she is savoring it, then she would rattle off story after story in […]

Chats with my mom #2

“He made these dangerous voyages during the war.” “Which war?… Vietnam?” “The war to end all wars.” She laughs. To hear her talk of WW2 was strange. I had asked her to tell me about my grandfather, a man I only ever met once during a brief visit to Trinidad […]