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Theatre of the mind

Sunday morning runs set the tone for the week. I went to bed last night all stressed out and woke up brimming with anxieties. I spend a lot of time talking to myself when running, especially on distance runs. I don’t have many friends willing to wake up at 3:30 […]

Fool me…

One of the blessings of fate allowing you to struggle and go through difficulties, is the experience that you gain from it. People are complex, constantly evolving creatures, who are hopefully becoming wiser as they get older. I am hinting, that some people change for the better…eventually. But I think […]

Fiery Darts

This morning, my writing time was interrupted by a friend of mine who wanted to share a verse of encouragement with me. As I read her text message… Isaiah 41:10 — “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I […]


Vision… they can be delusional at times. The eyes of faith behold what isn’t there, doesn’t show you the path, doesn’t give you a heads-up that it’s going to be a trek across a desert, fighting your demons and the plans of the enemy to deter you or steal your […]

Sparks of Destiny

The old folks would tell me, that if I dream of lightening, it’s a sign of change that’s coming my way. Yesterday, as I arrived at the park for my morning run, there was this epic lightening display just over the park. I wonder what that meant? I observed it […]

Have you ever smelt a Sunrise?

I had gone running this morning. The usual discipline of pursuing my health goals and sparking my creativity with a long (ish) run. No, it’s not exhausting. Occasionally I would stop and take a picture, something to help trigger an idea I may have had while running at a more […]

Full Circle

I came home to Trinidad last Thursday. The old lady, was celebrating here 88th birthday. It was a familiar feeling being in the place that was my home for 16 years of my life, yet I couldn’t help feeling like I was a stranger. There was the familiar sound of […]