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Event Horizons

Impossible to find a loving estate,
From someone who only knows rage
She still lives within her trauma
The child, the teen, the adult, only knows drama
With enough time the scars mend
Another failed bond, a memory to tend
In the museum of shattered dreams I call my head,
Regret lingers, repressed dread.

There’s a point in time she was a confidant,
Loyalty, I learnt was rather scant
Expensive lessons, emotional currency,
Billions in time, a few dimes in despondency
Lifestyle of the rich and famous
Pretense, it’s the cover of Vogue looking all glamorous
The reality it’s the darkness of a quiet room,
Thinking, who would care if I’m gone too soon?

But I won’t let her have the satisfaction
Disloyalty would not end in my extraction
You wish them well and you move on
The event horizon is just another storm
It may bring fame and fortune on a rising tide
Make sure you catch the wave and enjoy the ride
That’s the story of life, from glory to glory
Until it ends, there’s always more to your story.

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I am a freelance writer living in West Palm Beach. I observe and write about nearly everything and everyone I encounter. I have learnt that if I look at the world carefully, and long enough, I see a reflection of myself in everything. After all, we are what we put into the world.

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  1. Wow, amazing, spot on and fascinating blog , it is written in poetry form and it does explain the event horizons of a person. From the start I see a description of this person, a girl who is dramatic and with unworked out relationships but as I set my eyes below I see that she was once confident and loyal, that is just how event horizons are, they transform because we all experience dramatic and life changing events in our lives!

    Well written post Byngnigel🙌💯

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