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New Beginnings

Last year… ooh boy. Last year was a rough one. It ended with a crash… not a bang. I needed to take a break from blogging as my head just was not in the best place. I lost two relatives from Covid in December; my big brother and my sister’s husband are now counted with the fallen from this pandemic. My mum at 87, well the old lady is still on the road to recovery, fighting with a determination that is inspiring, covid has her on the ropes as well. I am usually a positive, prayerful person, but when you see the hurt and the chaos hitting home, and you’re unable to stop the carnage, sometimes all you can do is slow down and catch your breath. Grief is a formidable foe.

I read this prayer a few days before Christmas, mere hours before I buried my brother, and I would like to share it with the world.

But 2022 is a new year. New projects lined up. A heart of gratitude always seems to waft the dark clouds away. Hope you enjoy the prayer by Martha Cornwall.

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I am a freelance writer living in West Palm Beach. I observe and write about nearly everything and everyone I encounter. I have learnt that if I look at the world carefully, and long enough, I see a reflection of myself in everything. After all, we are what we put into the world.

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