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Riding out the storm

I don’t necessarily believe in happily ever after’s. But I do succumb to the hope that there are lovely ‘afterwards’. You can work hard for something, and afterward, you will reap the reward of your hard work. After the grind; after the hustle; after multiple lessons in failure; after rejections and heartbreak.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Here in south FL, we get a storm nearly every evening during the hurricane season. It does get frustrating, especially as it seems to pour every time I am just about to leave work, or have to run an errand. It teaches me patience; a moment for reflection if I so choose to capitalize on it. You just have to wait for the clouds to clear, as silver linings will be seen if you ride out the storm. It may take a while, but it does blow over eventually.

As for happily ever after’s?… The memory of the moment can last forever if you want it to.

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I am a freelance writer living in West Palm Beach. I observe and write about nearly everything and everyone I encounter. I have learnt that if I look at the world carefully, and long enough, I see a reflection of myself in everything. After all, we are what we put into the world.

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